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1984 Beechcraft 1900C

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Spec sheet:
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Serial no.: UB-09
Registration No.: C-GPCV
Manufacture year.: 1984
Price.: Inquire
TTAF.: 50730
Add Type.: Sale
Available From.: Immediately
TotalLandings.: 70491
Paint.: Good
Aircraft, General.: This in-service Canadian aircraft is available for immediate inspection and sale
Interior.: 19 Passenger Commuter Interior
Seat Trays
Exterior.: In Service Aircraft
Brake De-Ice
Time since new.: 50,730 hours
Cycles since New.: 70,491 cycles
Weights.: Maximum Take-off 16,600 lbs
Maximum Zero Fuel 14,000 lbs
Maximum landing 16,100 lbs
Basic Empty Weight 9,735 lbs
Engines.: PT6A-65B 10,000 hour TBO

GG 3953/6183 TSO
PS 3953/6183 TSO
Propeller.: Hartzell HC-B4MP-3A

1411/2601 TSO
Equipment.: Brake De-Ice
Ground Air Conditioning
ZFW Kit 114-5045-1
Seller.: Thomas Aviation Services, LLC
Mike Agnew
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