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2018 Aero AK1-3

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Serial no.: 081
Registration No.: SP-YHA
Manufacture year.: 2018
Price.: 185000 $
Add Type.: Sale
Aircraft, General.: AK1-3 is a two-seater, ultralight helicopter, designed for fast, comfortable and safe travel.
Excellent control, flight stability, maneuverability, low vibrations and noise thanks to an ideal design balance and a three-blade main rotor.
Low fuel consumption, low maintenance costs and independence from aviation specific fuel types due to the use of Pb 95 gasoline.
According to Visual Flight Rules (VFR), the operating temperature range is -18 to +35 degrees celsius.
Weights.: Empty weight 381kg
Gross weight 600kg
Engines.: Subaru EJ-25
Propeller.: Three blade composite main rotor
Seller.: flyARGO
Al. Katowicka 11
05-830 - Wolica
Phone : +48696789789

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