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2002 Aero Pipistrel virus SW 100

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Serial no.: 079V9120902
Registration No.: S5-PCY
Manufacture year.: 2002
Price.: 30000 $
Add Type.: Sale
Paint.: New
Aircraft, General.: Type of aircraft / Tricycle
Manufacturer: PIPISTREL
Model / VIRUS 912
Year of construction: 2002
Model of engine: Rotax 912 Ulm
Engine power: 80 hp
Engine hours: 868
Cell Hours: 868
Model of the propeller: Pipistrel Vario
Propeller type / Variable pitch in flight
Avionics.: Pipistrel Virus of the year 2002

Sells Pipistrel Virus of the year 2002 in excellent condition with 868 hours for personal use only. All maintenance and service is done by the manufacturer PIPISTREL. Never crashed, its always kept in hangar . In 2015, the manufacturer Pipistrel repainted the virus, change the glass, KRAT-2 dual-use radio shows kanali separation 8.33 kHz, intercom, SENHEISER HD100 + DAVID CLARK headphones, electric artificial hedgehog, computer board "BRAUNINGER", Altimeter and anemometer - analog, PAI 700 WT vertical compass, TT21 TRIG S-mode transponder, ELT ACK E-04, Garmin GPS zone 500, Avmap v + ADAHRS GPS, GRS ballistic parachute, typ 5/450 IN, all annual controls of pitotstatica, annually inspected by the CAA SLO Civil Aviation Authority, every year Permit to Fly issued by the CAA

Contact :
Seller.: Riccobon
riccobon gianfranco
32 cours napoléon
20000 - Ajaccio
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