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2018 Boeing 737

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Serial no.: TBA
Registration No.: TBA
Manufacture year.: 2018
Price.: Inquire
TTAF.: 10
Add Type.: Sale
Available From.: USA
TotalLandings.: 5
Paint.: NEW
Aircraft, General.: Sales new Boeing 737 MAX 8 (Boeing-BBJMAX8) - the basic model of a new generation of medium-haul passenger aircraft Boeing 737 MAX developed by the American corporation "Boeing." This airliner has the dimensions of the popular Boeing 737-800, but it has much better economic characteristics. mprovements are achieved through the installation of new engines CFM International LEAP-1B, as well as a number of improvements in the design of the wing and fuselage. Currently, the airliner is actively produced and the number of orders is constantly growing. In addition to the passenger version, it is also planned to create a business aviation aircraft under the designation BBJ MAX 8.
Interior.: We are offering exclusively for sale one Boeing BBJ MAX 8 to be delivered green in January 2019. We have cooperation with some of the most prestigious designers worldwide to develop new cabin designs that can be customized according to the buyer's requirements and personal taste. The delivery will be completed by January 2020. Green Delivery: January 2019. Cabin interior: to be defined as per customer requirements.
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