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1997 SAAB SAAB340B Plus

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Spec sheet:
Spec sheet.pdf
Serial no.: 413
Registration No.: N413XL
Manufacture year.: 1997
Price.: Inquire
TTAF.: 36604
Add Type.: Sale
Available From.: Immediately
TotalLandings.: 40296
Paint.: Good
Aircraft, General.: This aircraft was just returned off lease from a US Part 121 carrier and is available for immediate inspection and sale.
Avionics.: CVR, FDR, EGPWS, TCAS II, KLN-900 GPS
Interior.: 34 Seat Commuter Interior
Forward Lav
Time since new.: 36604 hours
Cycles since New.: 40296 cycles
Weights.: Max Takeoff 29,000 lbs
Max Landing 28,500 lbs
Max ZFW 26,500 lbs
BOW 18,800 lbs est.
Engines.: General Electric CT7-9B ECMP
TSLSV 2398/2761 hours
Limiter 5271/5770 cycles
Propeller.: Dowty R390/4-1213-F/27
201/1140 TSO
Seller.: Thomas Aviation Services, LLC
Mike Agnew
Box 42718
20015 - Washington
District of Columbia
Phone : 202-364-2775
Fax : 202-315-3649

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