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2014 Aero Pipistrel Sinus Flex

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Serial no.: 602SFN912
Registration No.: HA-YFKB
Manufacture year.: 2014
Price.: 45000 $
Add Type.: Sale
Paint.: New
Aircraft, General.: Category: Ultralight / LSA
Make: Pipistrel
Model: Sinus Flex
Year: 2014
Registration : HA-YFKB
Country: Hungary Aircraft
Description Airframe:159 hours
Engine : Rotax 912 100 HP
Propeller : Pipistrel feathering vario prop
Year of production: 2014
Condition : New , flown 159 hours. With the wingtips you can switch between 12,5 and 15 meter wingspan. It takes 7liter/hour at 170 km/h. The aircraft is equipped with parachute rescue system, 100 liter tank, laminar wheel fairings, nav/strobe/landing lights, variable, feathering propeller. Winter speedometer, Altimeter, and an LXNav V3 Vario and glider computer, and electronic logbook. A Canardia NESIS II (EFIS/EMS/DAQU/GPS system) is also included The plane is ready to fly anytime. Factory upgrades, transport are possible. Contact :
Seller.: Brun
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