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1981 Yakovlev YAK52

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Serial no.: 161834
Registration No.: -
Manufacture year.: 1981
Price.: Inquire
TTAF.: 195
Add Type.: Sale
TotalLandings.: 236
Paint.: After overhaul
Aircraft, General.: Yak-52.
Made in 1981 in Soviet Union. With smoothly rivet - so the plain have smooth surface. Basic airplane since the start of the exploitation - 800 hours, after last repair 0 hours.
Engine, propeller, exhaust collector from stainless steel, fuel and oil tank, landing gear, canopy, control, oilradiator, butt screw-bolt, details of altitude control - all this details are new. Airplane is covering from synthetic, cleaned for new paint. All lockbook and passports are available.
Avionics.: standard
Seller.: Vertical
+380 - Харьков
Phone : +380501931982

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