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1983 Bombardier LearJet 55ER

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Serial no.: 55-084
Registration No.: ZS-ELI
Manufacture year.: 1983
Price.: Inquire
TTAF.: 10517
Add Type.: Sale
Available From.: Now
Paint.: Good
Aircraft, General.: Learjet 55 for sale. Moon Jet Group are delighted to offer this Bombardier Learjet 55. This aircraft allows you to travel over 2,100 miles at speeds of 480 mph in comfort & efficiency on mid to short range trips.  The Learjet 55 typically accommodates around 7 passengers (plus a crew of 2 pilots), but this aircraft is currently configured for Medevac operations. The aircraft is available immediately.
Seller.: Moon Jet Group
James Moon, CEO
Floor 2
1 Trinity Gardens, Board Chare Gardens
Ne1 2HF - Newcastle upon Tyne
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