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2002 Agusta A109E Power

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Serial no.: 11148
Registration No.: ZS-HMN
Manufacture year.: 2002
Add Type.: Sale and dry lease
Aircraft, General.: For Sale or Lease
Utility / SAR Configuration
No Damage History
All Logs/Records Complete and Continuous
3 Ton Mod
Aircraft Located at AW Service Center
Avionics.: Marathon PC 251 AC System (2 Inverters)
ADI, HSI And EHSI (Collins EFD 74) Pilot Navigation Instruments
C14 Honeywell Gyrocompass
BF Goodrich VG 208 C Vertical Gyros (No.1 & No.2)
SP711 Honeywell AFCS 3 Axis
KR 87 King Automatic Direction Finder (ADF)
KT 73 King Transponder (TDR)
KX 165 King VHF-COM/NAV (No.1 & No.2)
KDM 706A King Distance Measuring Equipment (DME)
KMR 675 King Marker Beacon
ADI And EHSI (Collins EFD 74) Co-Pilot Navigation Instruments
FZ 702 Honeywell Flight Director & Auto Trim
RT 300 Honeywell Radio Altimeter
C406-2HM Artex Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT)
2101 I/O Trimble GPS Interfaced With EHSI Collins EFD 74
RDR 2000 Bendix Weather Radar With Dedicated CRT Display
Interior.: Utility Configuration for Six (6) Passengers plus Two (2) Crew.
EMS Pilot / Co-Pilot Seats In Lieu Of Standard Seats, 3 Foldable Aft, Forward Facing Seats With 3-Point Harnesses, Lap Strap And Diagonal, Central Bench, 3 Place Aft Facing Seats, With 3-Point Harnesses.
Exterior.: Custom Red, Yellow and Orange Paint Scheme.
Equipment.: Dual Controls
Rotor Brake
Windshield Wipers With Wiper Switch On Cyclic Grip
Radio Master Switch With Ground Function
Engine Compartment Fire Extinguishers
Baggage Compartment Extension (1.9m)
Retractable Landing Light (450W)
Extended Right Cockpit Access Step
Air Conditioning
Passive Vibration Absorbers
Roof Liner With Soundproofing
Rear Wall With Aft Seat Back & EMS Provisions
EMS Electrical System, Electrical Outlets
Cabin Comm. System With 3rd ICS Station
5 Active Noise Reduction Headsets
2 Pitot Tube Covers
Tow Bar
Lifting Tool
Wheel Chocks
Maglite Torch
First Aid Kit
Search And Rescue Signals Kit
Airframe Hour Meter
Sliding Cockpit / Cabin Door Windows

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Phone : 4105731515

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