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1979 Cessna C-340A II

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Serial no.: 340A0637
Registration No.: N340GJ
Manufacture year.: 1979
Price.: Inquire
TTAF.: 3724
Add Type.: Sale
Available From.: Now
Paint.: Excellent
Aircraft, General.: Immaculate Cessna 340A aircraft for sale. Moon Jet Group is delighted to present this 1979 Cessna 340A that has recently undergone a recent avionics upgrade (Garmin) costing $100,000. For many reasons, the Cessna 340A has evolved into the world’s best-selling piston-powered, cabin-class pressurized twin. It has 4 passenger club seats and 2 cockpit seats and baggage can be stored in the nose bay with a door on each side of the nose area. Additional baggage can be carried in the wing lockers. This N-registered aircraft will be sold with a fresh inspection and is currently located at Elstree, near London, UK.
Avionics.: Recently undergone a recent avionics upgrade (Garmin) costing $100,000
Full Details on Request
Seller.: Moon Jet Group
James Moon, CEO
Floor 2
1 Trinity Gardens, Board Chare Gardens
Ne1 2HF - Newcastle upon Tyne
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