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2004 Robinson R44 Raven 2

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Serial no.: I-
Manufacture year.: 2004
Price.: Inquire
Add Type.: Sale
Available From.: Italy
Aircraft, General.: Year: 04/2004
Last 12 years insp. 01/2012
12years next due 01/2024
Airframe T.S.N: 680h
Airframe T.S.O: -
Engine type: Lycoming IO-540
Engine T.S.N.: 780h
Engine T.S.O.: -

- Fuel bladder tank installed 01/2017
- Excellent conditions
- Always Hangared
- 100h/12 months inspection done
- 12y inspection of MGB, Mr Swashplate, TGB and new t/r blades installed in 01/2017

The helicopter is in very good conditions, immediately available, inspection is possible with test flight. Prior meeting by telephone or e-mail, provide all documentation requested by the interested parties (general Pdf, MCS remaining), and price request. Visit the website is always updated with direct download for general information. Helipromotion Swiss has many years of experience in shipping aircraft all over the world utilizing both air and sea freight. We take great care in ensuring your aircraft arrives safely and securely at its destination.
Avionics.: - 9 hole Panel
- NAT AA12 control panel
- Garmin 430 Comm, VOR, GPS
- King KY196A Comm
- Transponder Garmin B/King KT 76C
- Horizon
- Directional Gyro
- Turn and Bank indicator
- Elt Pointer
Equipment.: - Heater
- Dual controls
- Millibar Altimeter
- Handling wheels
- Leather seats
- 4 David Clark
Seller.: Helipromotion Swiss SGL
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