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1996 Beechcraft A 36 Bonanza

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Serial no.: E-3024
Registration No.: TBC
Manufacture year.: 1996
Price.: 295000 $
TTAF.: 1895
Add Type.: Sale
Available From.: NOW
TotalLandings.: TBC
Paint.: Very good.
Aircraft, General.: The Moon Jet Group stand out features of this 1996 Beechcraft A36 Bonanza are as follows:
– Beautiful condition.
– VVIP current use only.
– Only two aircraft owners since new.
– Maintained to extremely high standards.
– No damage history.
– Located in India, owner can assist with export and with shipment of spare parts.
If you are interested in this aircraft or would you like more information on the aircraft, then please contact Moon Jet Group and James Moon himself at thank you.
Seller.: Moon Jet Group
James Moon, CEO
Floor 2
1 Trinity Gardens, Board Chare Gardens
Ne1 2HF - Newcastle upon Tyne
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