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2000 Pilatus PC-12

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Serial no.: Listing #2147
Registration No.: Listing #2147
Manufacture year.: 2000
Price.: 2300000 $
TTAF.: 2950
Add Type.: Sale
Available From.: Brazil
TotalLandings.: 2494
Avionics.: Autopilot: King KFC 325 with FD and altitude pre-selector
2 x COM/NAV/GPS: Garmin 530 none WAAS
MFD: King KMD 850 displaying TAS, EGPW, weather and map
Weather radar: King Radar 2000 with vertical profile displayed on MFD
Standby altimeter: United Instruments 5934 PAD
Radar altimeter: King KRA 405B
Stormscope: BF Goodrich WX 500
DME: King KN 63
ADF: Slaved King KR 87
ILS: King KI-206A
Audio: Garmin GMA 340
ELT: Kannad 406AF mHz
2 x Transponder: Garmin GTX 330D Mode S
Time since new.: 2950
Engines.: P&W 1200shp • PT6A-67B
Propeller.: Hartzel HCE4A30
Seller.: Gualter Helicopteros Gualter Helicopteros
Av Olavo Fontoura,1078 - Setor D - Lote 06, Campo de Marte Airport
02012-021 - São Paulo
Phone : 1122212150
Fax : 1122212150

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