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1998 Eurocopter AS 355N

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Serial no.: 5655
Registration No.: RA-04102
Manufacture year.: 1998
Price.: 332,608 $
TTAF.: 1611
Add Type.: Sale
Aircraft, General.: ENGINE:

Engine Manufacturer - Turbomeca
Engine Model - Arius 1A
Engine Serial Numbers - 2234, 2235


Helicopter airframe form (O/H) - + 9 years
Mandatory replacement of two engines, according to the calendar, 15 years. (Replacement of two engines can be executed by seller according to the additional arrangements and also it will be transferred to the buyer in the full validity (approximately 500.000 EUR.)
Maintenance - Germany
The aircraft is operating, why the condition and component times will be subject to changes depending upon such operations.

Verification of the condition of the aircraft and its component times shall be the responsibility of the purchaser.
Interior.: Standard
Exterior.: Wine color

High landing gear
Additional navigation equipment
Double gyro with self-contained power
Radio altimeter
Metric equipment
Pilot's seat - 2
Passenger seat - 4
Seller.: Savback Helicopters Savback Helicopters
Michael Savbäck
Borggårds Herrgård
SE-610 12 - Hällestad
Phone : +46 (0) 706 365 135

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