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1978 Cessna 210

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Serial no.: P21000109
Manufacture year.: 1978
Price.: Inquire
Add Type.: Sale
Available From.: Now
Aircraft, General.: Moon Jet Group is proud to be remarketing this fantastic Cessna Pressurized Centurion P210N aircraft. This is a fantastic aircraft opportunity for any pilot who is looking to experience just what it is like to fly a well maintained and well cared for P210N aircraft.

We actively encourage anyone who is considering purchasing a single engine aircraft at present, to consider this P210N aircraft as this aircraft is a smart and very sensible choice for you to at least consider. You would be foolish to look elsewhere, here at Moon Jet Group we feel this is nicest P210N on the market at present, we feel the images of this aircraft supports this…

For all inquiries and interested parties in this Cessna P210N please contact Moon Jet Group and our CEO James Moon at thank you.
Seller.: Moon Jet Group
James Moon, CEO
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