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1992 Boeing 737-400

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Serial no.: TBA
Registration No.: TBA
Manufacture year.: 1992
Price.: Make Offer
TTAF.: 52859
Add Type.: Sale, wet and dry lease
Available From.: Asia
TotalLandings.: 33517
Aircraft, General.: The new aeroplane, the 737-400, was developed as a 150 seat class 727 replacement. Although Boeing had initially developed the 180 to 200 seat 757 to replace the successful 727, there still existed a considerable market for a near direct size replacement for the popular trijet. By developing the 737-400 as a minimum change stretch of the 737-300, Boeing was also able to offer considerable commonality, and thus cost, benefits to operators already with the 737-300, and to a lesser extent, the 737-200 in their fleets.
Equipment.: The major change of the 737-400 over the smaller 300 is a 3.05m (10ft 0in) fuselage stretch, consisting of a 1.83m (6ft 0in) stretch forward and a 1.22m (4ft 0in) plug rear of the wing. The stretch increases maximum passenger seating to 188. To cope with the increased weights, more powerful CFM56s are fitted. Other changes are minor, such as a tail bumper fitted to protect against over rotation at takeoff, something that could have become a problem due to the increased fuselage length.
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