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2015 Bell 429

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Serial no.: 25978
Manufacture year.: 2015
TTAF.: 40
Add Type.: Sale
Available From.: USA
Paint.: New
Aircraft, General.: Certified for Russia.

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Russia:+7 (499) 346-88-68
World:+8835 (1000) 139 83 48
Avionics.: The Bell BasiX-Pro™ Avionics System has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of twin engine
helicopters and is optimized for IFR, Category A, and JAROPS-3 compliant operations. The system is highly
flexible and configurable to meet various operating and customization needs. The system takes advantage
of the latest in display, computer processing, and digital data bus technology to provide a high degree of
redundancy, reliability, and flexibility.

The Basix-Pro™ includes built-in provisions to allow customized configuration of the following equipment:

•• Alternate FMS / GPS systems
•• Alternate ARINC-429 radio navaids
•• UHF / VHF Direction Finder or 2nd ADF
••Weather / Search Radar
•• FLIR / EVS display (either NTSC or PAL standard)
•• Designator Control Panel (allows FLIR or radar cursor designated positions to be captured as waypoints)
Two individual ergonomically designed energy attenuating seats with adjustable lumbar support, each
equipped with seat adjustment controls forward and aft, up and down, adjustable lumbar support, a four-point
restraint system, and adjustable pedals. The color and upholstery material for the seats match the color
scheme selected for the cabin.
The cockpit crew station was designed from the outset to accommodate pilots from the 5th percentile female
to the 95th percentile male (standing height 5 ft. ½ inch to 6 ft. 2 inches; sitting height 31.3 inches to
38.3 inches, reference U.S. FAA Human Factors Design Standard, HF-STD-001, dated May 2003). The pilot
and copilot seats and pedals are also adjustable to enable the cockpit crew to adjust their seat positions
for comfortable access to cockpit controls, so that they can easily carry out normal and emergency duties
without hindrance:
•• Forward and aft 6” (15 cm)
•• Up and down 4.5” (11.4 cm)
Light Weight Display Units: The standard configuration, primary, secondary and optional third instrument
display units for the Bell 429 are light-weight, NVG-compatible LED display units. An NVG-compatable Flight
Directory (CFHD) is also standard equipment on the Bell 429.
Garmin GTN-650/750: The Bell 429 includes the Garmin GTN 650/750 NAV/COM/WAAS GPS system as
standard equipment. The Garmin GTN-750/650 system provides intuitive touchscreen controls, and the large,
six-inch GTN-750 display provides nprecedented access to Navigation/Communication/GPS-WAAS functions,
••Graphical flight planning capability with touchscreen waypoint entry or sequence modification;
•• High-resolution terrain mapping, including optional Internal TAWS-B terrain alerting;
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