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1993 Kamov Ka-32A11BC

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Manufacture year.: 1993
TTAF.: 2114
Add Type.: Sale
Aircraft, General.: The multipurpose Ka-32A11BC helicopter is powered by two TV3-117VMA turbo shaft engines and has a coaxial main rotor system.
The helicopter in a standard configuration is certified by Transport Canada under Part 529 (equivalent to FAR-29) and 511.203 (a) and (b) of the Canadian Airworthiness Manual (Type Certificates Nos.H-100 dt 11.05.1998 for the Ka-32A11BC helicopter and & IE-35 dt 11.05.1998 for the TV3-117BMA ser.2 engine). The Ka-32A11BC has also achieved European certification of EASA.
The Aviation Authorities of Mexico, Taiwan, Indonesia, South Korea, Japan, Brazil, Portugal, and Spain also certify the Ka-32A11BC helicopter. The helicopter can be operated in adverse weather conditions, by day and night, over land and water surface, including marine climate and icing conditions, at geographical latitudes to 75. It can fly both by visual and instrumental flight rules (VFR and IFR).
Avionics.: The Ka-32 is fitted with an avionics suite including doppler hover indicator (DHI), two horizontal situation indicators (HSI), doppler box, radar altimeter, and air data computer (ADC). Three-axis autopilot system offers automated approach at an altitude of 25m from the ground.
Interior.: External Sling Load
Internal Cargo
Offshore Transport
Passenger Transport
Power Line
Exterior.: Design Features:
The lack of tail rotor ensures increased load lifting capacity, higher OGE hover ceiling and ability to fly at the altitude of 5000m (16393ft) due to higher efficiency of the helicopter coaxial configuration and lower (by 10÷15 %) power plant loss.
Absence of interaction between individual helicopter control channels makes the piloting easier and simpler.
Shorter tail boom and absence of a tail rotor make the helicopter very compact that, combined with its good piloting qualities, makes the helicopter very maneuverable and allows to operate the helicopter from off-shore platforms and landing sites of limited dimensions; the whole helicopter fuselage including its tail section is within the limits of the main rotors diameter.
The helicopter can land and takeoffs from unprepared sites including sites overgrown with shrubs.
Absence of tail rotor eliminates the personnel injuries when the helicopter is on the ground.
Equipment.: External sling load system
Fire fighting system (miscellaneous)
Emergency equipment (miscellaneous)
Medical equipment
Avionics (miscellaneous)
Navigation equipment (miscellaneous)
Emergency floatation device
Dust protection
Air intake protection
Additional fuel tanks
Instrument flying blinds
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