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1993 Maule Mil Mi-8MTV

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Manufacture year.: 1993
TTAF.: 3945
Add Type.: Sale
Available From.: CIS
Aircraft, General.: Three units are avaliable.
Interior.: Actual Configuration:

1 HF Radio station Yadro-1A
2 VHF Radio station Baklan- 20, GNS-530
3 Radioaltimeter A-037
4 Radio-compass ARK-9
5 Gyroscope GMK- 1A
6 Transponder with altimeter GTX-327, AK-350
7 Flight data recording system SDK-8 extended list
8 Tape recorder P 503B
9 Onboard equipment set RI-65
10 Onboard barrow LPG-150M
11 Emergency locator transmitter Kannad 406 AF
12 Icing warning indicator CO-121 BM
13 Right fuel tank 8MTP-6102-050
14 Left fuel tank 8MTP-6102-040
15 Global navigation system GNS-530
16 Indicator KI-206
17 Terrain awareness and warning system ST-3400
Equipment.: Additional equipment.

Kerosene-combustion heater
Radar beacon transponder
Back-up radio station (Russia)
Mooring equipment
External sling hook
External barrow LPG-150
Automatic direction finder
The external suspender (4000 kg) with the hydraulic measuring instrument and additional headlight FPP-7M
VHF emergency radio station (Russia)
Rails for installation of passenger seats
Luminous information plates in the passenger cabin
“Exit” signs (4 units), “No Smoking” and “Fasten your seatbelt” signs
Seller.: Helitage Aviation
Valery Andreeva
Efimova str. 3-A, r.5
190031 - Saint-Petersburg
Phone : +7 (499) 346-88-68

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