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1991 Aero MI-26T

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Manufacture year.: 1991
TTAF.: 1432
Add Type.: Sale and wet lease
Paint.: Grey
Aircraft, General.: Went throught Overhaul in 2015. 1200 or 8 years till next Overhaul.

The Mi-26t is the world's largest heavy-lift helicopter. It is capable of lifting large size cargo items weighing up to 20 tons, either inside the cargo compartment or on an external sling. A combined internal and external load configuration is also permitted, providing the total load does not exceed 20 tons.
Interior.: Crew:5 Passengers:
Passenger Seated: 63 Medical
Stretchers: 60 On
Tip-Up Seats: 20
Exterior.: Cargo Transport
Disaster relief
Flying crane
Fuel tanker
Medical Evacuation
Power Line
Passenger transport
Equipment.: A clearance control system is available for handling items of large volume during loading. The helicopter is provided with engine starting facilities using internal power, special ladders are not required as both engine and gearbox cowling, when in open position, serve as maintenance platforms.
Seller.: Helitage Aviation
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