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1974 Cessna Citation 500

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Serial no.: 500-0096
Registration No.: N837MA
Manufacture year.: 1974
Price.: 200,000 $
Add Type.: Sale and dry lease
Available From.: Now
TotalLandings.: 10,182
Aircraft, General.: A fantastic opportunity to acquire or lease this well maintained Cessna Citation 500 aircraft. Moon Jet Group is proud to present and market this Cessna Citation on a for sale or lease basis. Contact James Moon at

For Sale: $200,000
For Lease: $4000 a month with engine reserves.


14,878 Total Time
10,182 Landings
Interior.: PAX or EMS/Air Ambulance
Seller.: Moon Jet Group
James Moon, CEO
Floor 2
1 Trinity Gardens, Board Chare Gardens
Ne1 2HF - Newcastle upon Tyne
E-Mail :
Webpage :