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2001 Boeing 767-200ER

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Serial no.: TBA
Registration No.: TBA
Manufacture year.: 2001
Price.: 12 000 000
TTAF.: 12000
Add Type.: Sale
Available From.: Europe
TotalLandings.: 9500
Paint.: White
Aircraft, General.: For sales three Boeaing B767-200 aircraft: The 767-200 family is a family of airplanes providing maximum market versatility. The twin aisle twinjet- is the most widely used airplane across the Atlantic. Boeing the 767-200ER, with seating for 249 in two classes and 158 + 1 class 12 in three classes and a range capability of 6,115 nautical miles. The Boeing 767-200 were the first, and still are, the only airplanes to share a common type rating. The common type rating is due, in part, to airplane systems that are designed such that a common set of flight crew operating procedures can be used. Airlines that operate both the Boeing 767-200 have greater flexibility in assigning flight crews and adapting to changing markets. They also benefit from similar maintenance procedures, manuals and inspection
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