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1992 Airbus A 320 - 200

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Serial no.: 320
Manufacture year.: 1992
Price.: Inquire
TTAF.: 30000
Add Type.: Sale
Available From.: immediate
TotalLandings.: 64000
Paint.: DGood
Aircraft, General.: Excellent A320 perfect for start up airline with regional use. Well maintained and in great condition. LG's good until 2021
Avionics.: EGPWS, TCASS II, RVSM, Weather Radar
Interior.: LOPA- 12 BC- 138 Y
Engines.: V2500A- 4700 & 5600 cycles reamining
Equipment.: GTCP36-300A
Seller.: Aero Acquisitions, LLC
Nick Schmidt
Suite 18
06810 - Fairfield County
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