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1992 Yakovlev YAK-42D

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Serial no.: 4520423116655
Manufacture year.: 1992
Price.: Inquire
TTAF.: 17315
Add Type.: Sale
Available From.: Kazahstan
Aircraft, General.: Date of manufacture/ The beginning of operation - 24.03.1992 year.
Engine hours by glider from the beginning of operation-17 315 (flight hours)
Engines.: Engines Д 36 3 engines):
1- engine-29.08.1989 YOM. Total operation time since new -7395 flight hours/4389 cycles;
2- engine-27.08.1989 YOM. Total operation time since new – 10804 flight hours /5913 cycles;
3- engine-19.10.1989 YOM. Total operation time since new 5246 flight hours /3045 cycles;
Equipment.: Equipment ЛиЭРО – Missing equipment – Two control panels, two transceiver radio station «Баклан - 20», equipment
Complex TCAS.
Service life before the first Overhaul of РП 71-02aggrerate is overdue.
Seller.: Jetspectre
Efimova 3A
196600 - St-Petersburg
Phone : +7-(812)-2431278

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