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2016 Maule Mi-8MTV

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Serial no.: TBA
Registration No.: TBA
Manufacture year.: 2016
Price.: Make Offer
TTAF.: 0
Add Type.: Sale
Available From.: Europe
TotalLandings.: 0
Aircraft, General.: The Mi-8MTV was intended for the Soviet Army while the Mi-17 (117) is it's export name. The helicopter is completed with more powerful TV3-117VMA - 2 200 hp. engines. It has a hovering and service ceilings in 3 980 and 4 900 m consequently. Mi-8MTV-2/Mi-17-1V - Heavy Armed Multipurpose Helicopter one of the most powerful in it's class. This helicopter improvement works are made recently. It has armed with 4 aviation guns, unoperated aviation missiles, and various bombs. There is ability to mount 8 machine Civil version of the Mi-8T - most likely the Mi-8MTV Passenger Helicopter guns in the fuselage side windscreens
Avionics.: Doppler NavigationProvision for IR jammers / Flare & Chaff Launchers
Interior.: 24 passengers or
12 stretchers and seat for 1
medical attendant or3,000 kg (6,600 lb)
Seller.: SKY CAPITAL Leasing Ltd
123234 - Moscow
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