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2017 Airbus A 320 - 200

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Serial no.: TBA
Registration No.: TBA
Manufacture year.: 2017
Price.: 47500000 $
TTAF.: 50
Add Type.: Sale
Available From.: Europe
TotalLandings.: 40
Paint.: NEW
Aircraft, General.: The A321-200neo “new engine option” is the latest of many product upgrades as Airbus continues to invest around 300 million euros a year in innovation for the A320-200 Family. The NEO incorporates many innovations, including latest generation engine choices – the PurePower PW1100G-JM from Pratt & Whitney and CFM International’s LEAP-1A –and large Sharklet wing-tip devices, which together deliver 15 percent in fuel savings upon service entry. The A320neo versions will have over 95 per cent airframe commonality with the A321-200 (current engine option) versions, enabling it to fit seamlessly into existing A321-200 Family fleets – a key factor for Airbus customers and operators which have taken delivery of more than 6,500 aircraft so far.
Interior.: NEW
Exterior.: NEW
Monaco, Monte-Carlo
123234 - London
United Kingdom
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