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2016 Aero MI-26T

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Manufacture year.: 2016
TTAF.: 0
Add Type.: Sale
Available From.: Russian Federation
TotalLandings.: 0
Paint.: Customized
Aircraft, General.: The Mi-26t is the world’s largest heavy-lift helicopter. It is capable of lifting large size
cargo items weighing up to 20 tons, either inside the cargo compartment or on an external sling.

Cargo Transport
Disaster relief
Flying crane
Fuel tanker
Medical Evacuation
Power Line
Passenger transport
Exterior.: The helicopter can be widely employed at construction sites, airlifting and mounting heavy industrial equipment, drilling rigs, electric power line installations, bridge construction, logging operations and other complex civil engineering operations as well as on fire-fighting duties. High placement accuracy of external loads is achieved using the special front and rear auxiliary cabins.
Seller.: Helitage Aviation
Valery Andreeva
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