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2015 Airbus H225

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Serial no.: 2968
Registration No.: TBD
Manufacture year.: 2015
TTAF.: 0
Add Type.: Sale
TotalLandings.: 0
Paint.: New!
Aircraft, General.: 4Q 2015 Delivery | Scheduled Entry Into Service: January, 2016

Aircraft Highlights
Emergency Flotation Gear w/ Automatic Firing
4750KG Cargo Sling w/Dynamometer
Multipurpose Engine Air Intakes (Anti-Sand & Anti-Ice Filters)
Cockpit & Cabin AC

Exclusively Offered With Our Strategic Partner Asian Sky Group!
Avionics.: Three (3) NAT DACS ICS Basic Control Panels
One (1) NAT DACS ICS Complimentary set 4th Control Panel
Collins TDR94D -409
Collins ProIine 21 DME
Collins Proline 21 VOR/ILS/MKR/ADF #1
Collins Proline 21 VOR/ILS/MKR #2
Two (2) Collins Proline 21 VHF/AM
Chelton DF935 V/UHF DF
Canadian Marconi CMA9000 Flight Management System
Canadian Marconi CMA5024 GPS Receiver
Telephonics 1600 Weather Radar, Displayed on AHCAS
One (1) Fixed TCASS II Collins TTR4000 Integrated to AHCAS & Coupled to AFCS
One (1) Removable TCASS II Collins TTR4000 Integrated to AHCAS & Coupled to AFCS
MARMS Health & Usage Monitoring System (HUMS) w/ HOMP & L3COM CVFDR
2nd Stop Watch on Instrument Panel
Collins HF9X00 HF/SSB w/ One Controller Box
Serpe – IESM Kannad 406 AP Emergency Locator Transmitter
Interior.: SAR Layout w/ 19 Pax Configuration w/ bulkhead - C–Class Operation Kit
Pilot & copilot crash worthy seats
3rd man crew seat
Exterior.: TBD
Equipment.: Wire Strike Protection System
Two (2) Observation Bubble Windows on Cabin Plug Door
Cabin Floor For Crashworthy Instead of Multipurpose Integrated Crash Worthy Floor
Illuminated Map Holder – JAR OPS 3 Compatible
Removable Parts #1 – Cabin Power Unit & #2 – Cockpit Power Unit for Air Conditioning System

Specific Mission Equipment
Goodrich 28V Electrical Hoist (290 ft., 600 lb.)
External Mirrors – Including One (1) Electrical Mirror
Vertical Light for Hoisting & Sling Operation Surveillance
Sling Load Camera
Sling Load for Class-C Operation Up to 4750KG
Two (2) David Clark Headsets
Seller.: Avpro Inc. Avpro Inc.
900 Bestgate Road Suite 412
21401 - Annapolis
Phone : 4105731515

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