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2015 Maule Ansat

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Serial no.: Plantation
Registration No.: Plantation
Manufacture year.: 2015
TTAF.: 0
Add Type.: Sale and wet lease
Available From.: Russian Federation
TotalLandings.: 0
Paint.: Customized
Aircraft, General.: Design work on the Ansat helicopter began at Kazan in 1993, with structural strength and aerodynamic calculations subcontracted to Kazan State Technical University, production of the rotor to Aviation Scientific Co. and transmission to Aeromechanica Co.
The first Ansat flight was on Aug. 17, 1999. On 14 September 2001, Ansat became the winner of a competition to supply 100 training helicopters to Russian armed forces by 2015. “Ansat” name in Tatar language can be translated as “easy or light”
Avionics.: Avionika FBW controls quadruple electronic system and duble hydraulic system

Automatic flight control is standard on all piloting functions and optional on navigation functions with KSU-A digital control system

Main transmission drives two alternators (each 200V, 400Hz), two generators (each 27V), two fans and two hydraulic fuel pumps for separate systems

Electrical system 27V, with battery, optional AC system is with second battery

Electric de-icing optional
Interior.: Up to 11 person, including one or two pilots, on energy-absorbing seats; or two stretcher patients and three attendants; or internal or externally slung freight

Two forward-hinged doors on each side of flight deck; two horizontally divided doors on each side of cabin, baggage bay behind cabin, with rear-facing door

Baggage door is also used for loading stretchers in medical variant

Cabin is ventilated and heated, air conditioning is optional
Exterior.: Landing Gear:

Twin skids with Kazan transverse shock absorbers; tail bumper to protect anti-torque rotor

Optional; tricycle configuration, with Yaroslav tyres and Gidroagregat brakes

Optional emergency signalization system
Equipment.: 1. Equipped with shock absorbing seats for passengers. Conventional configuration high mounted tail boom carrying fixed horizontal stabilizer and two fins, two turbo-shaft power plants above the cabin
2. A fiberglass torsion bar with four main blades and a two-blade tail rotor
3. Two-stage, VR-23 main rotor reduction gear in magnesium case on front of the engines; ratio 16.4; rotation speed 365.4 rpm; blade tip speed 220m/s
4. Transmission rating 769kW
5. Tail rotor speed 2,000 rpm via single stage conical gearbox
6. Rotor brake
7. Manual blade –folding and main rotor aero foil section NACA 23012
Seller.: Helitage Aviation
Valery Andreeva
Efimova str. 3-A, r.5
190031 - Saint-Petersburg
Phone : +7 (499) 346-88-68

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