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2016 Eurocopter EC 135T2

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Manufacture year.: 2016
Price.: On request
TTAF.: 0
Add Type.: Sale, wet and dry lease
Available From.: USA
TotalLandings.: 0
Paint.: Customized
Aircraft, General.: For more information, please, visit

The Eurocopter EC 135 / EC 635 is a light seven to eight seat twin-engined helicopter produced by the European manufacturer Eurocopter (a subsidiary of EADS). Eurocopter EC 135T2 helicopter type is mostly operated for passenger transport and emergency medical service (EMS) by civil operators.

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Flight Time: 0 Engine Time: 0
Garmin G500H Integrated Flight Display
One 28V DC cabin Power Outlet
Avionics Master Switch
Reading Map Light
LH Primary Display
One Document Holder
RH Multi-Function Display
ELT - 406AF-H (Kannad)
Clock Magnetic Compass
Slip Indicator Airspeed Indicator Altimeter Indicator
Interior.: Seats: 8
Crew 1 / 2
Passengers 6 - 7
Seller.: Avia Angel Supply Centre
Valery Andreeva
Efimova str. 3-A, r.5
190031 - St-Petersburg
Phone : +7 (499) 346-88-68

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