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2016 Bell 429 Global Ranger

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Manufacture year.: 2016
Price.: On request
TTAF.: 0
Add Type.: Sale, wet and dry lease
Available From.: USA
TotalLandings.: 0
Paint.: Customized
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The Bell 429 delivers 150 knot (278 km/h) speed with a state-of-the-art cockpit featuring single pilot IFR and WAAS precision approach capabilities. Bell 429's interior is exceptionally spacious with seating for up to seven passengers plus a pilot and can be reconfigured for any number of different missions.

Flight Time: 0 Engine Time: 0
Interior.: Seats: 7
The Bell 429 also features extra-large 60 inch (152 cm) side doors opening to a 130 cubic foot (3.7 cubic meter) cabin compartment, or 204 cubic foot (5.8 cubic meter) when including the aft cabin area.

Glass cockpit with Bell Helicopter's BasiX-Pro™ Integrated Avionics System featuring two/three multi-function displays, dual digital 3-axis autopilot and an integrated electronic data recorder for enhanced situational awareness and post flight analysis

Spacious cabin with 204 ft³ (5.78 m³) of usable volume, wide 60 inch (152 cm) side doors, optional rear clam-shell doors and seating for 7 passengers and 1 crew
Equipment.: In addition to offering outstanding product features, the Bell 429 is backed by Bell Helicopter's renowned in-service support, voted #1 by our customers for twenty years running. If your mission requires a helicopter with exceptional speed, capacity and flexibility, the Bell 429 is the helicopter you can count on to get the job done.
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