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2004 Embraer ERJ 145 LR

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Serial no.: 14500828
Manufacture year.: 2004
Price.: Inquire
TTAF.: 22979
Add Type.: Sale
Available From.: now
TotalLandings.: 20146
Aircraft, General.: PACKAGE OF 5 x AIRCRAFT AVAILABLE (all of the same heritage)

Long range capability
FAA compliant
Drop down air stair door
Engines with thrust reversers
Engines enrolled on RR TotalCare
Avionics.: CAT II Autopilot Honeywell
Dual Radio Altimeter Honeywell
Dual DME Honeywell
Dual ADF Honeywell
Dual Mode S Transponder Honeywell
Selcal Trimble
FMS/GPS Honeywell
EGWPS Allied Signal
Dual VHF Honeywell
AFDAU Honeywell
VOR System Honeywell
AHRS Honeywell H900
Interior.: 50 blue leather seats
Seller.: Skyworld Aviation UK Ltd.
Patrick Leopold
13-15 Sheet Street
SL4 1BN - Berkshire
United Kingdom
Phone : + 441753 832 088
Fax : + 44 1753 841 511

E-Mail : Aviatorsale
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