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2006 Airbus EC145

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Serial no.: 9087
Registration No.: TC-HJB
Manufacture year.: 2006
Price.: 1,950,000.00
TTAF.: 3225
Add Type.: Sale
TotalLandings.: 3225
Aircraft, General.: PRICE REDUCED!

AFCS Meghas Displays
8 Pax Configuration w/ Air Conditioner
Avionics.: Too many avionics to list!

Please visit our website or contact William Sturm for additional information.

Interior.: Eight (8) pax, custom VIP configuration featuring beige Leather and complimenting Tan carpet. Enhanced cabin sound proofing complete with Air-conditioning/cooling.
Exterior.: Overall white with mixed blue accent striping.
Equipment.: Seat Arrangement (Passenger)
PAX Seats (8)
Flight Manual (Basic)
Flight Manual (Optional)
Sun Shade
First Aid Kit
Flash Light
Fire Extinguisher, Portable
Co-Pilot Seat
Single Pilot IFR
AFCS & MEGHAS Displays
Rotor Brake
Dual Hydraulics for Cyclic & Collective Control
Wire Strike Fixed Provisions
Landing & Search Light Fixed Provisions
Cold Weather Kit
(8) Headsets & Coil Cords
Engine Compressor Washing Device
Ground Handling Wheels
Seller.: Avpro Inc. Avpro Inc.
900 Bestgate Road Suite 412
21401 - Annapolis
Phone : 4105731515

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