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2013 LearJet 75

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Serial no.: 463
Manufacture year.: 2013
Price.: Inquire
TTAF.: 617
Add Type.: Sale
Available From.: Immediately
TotalLandings.: 543
Aircraft, General.: Visit For More Details

Total Time Airframe: 617 Hours
Total Cycles Airframe: 543
APU: 283 hours and 588 Cycles
Enrolled on Smart Parts and MSP
FAA Certified and EASA Ready
9 Passenger Interior
Double club Floorplan
Forward galley
Externally serviced flushing toilet (AFT)
Belted lavatory seat (certified for takeoff and landing)
Microwave oven
Single hot liquid warmer
Heated external baggage compartment
Ice detection system
Windshield anti-ice and defogging
Electronically-heated cockpit foot warmers
Honeywell RE100 (LJ) APU
Seller.: Altus Aviation
1651 Blue Ridge Road
21084 - Upperville
Phone : +1-888-337-3439

Webpage :