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1973 Socata Rallye MS892 E-150

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Serial no.: 12238
Registration No.: SP-WUL
Manufacture year.: 1973
Price.: 30 000 EURO
TTAF.: 2727
Add Type.: Sale
Available From.: EPWS/EPWR
Aircraft, General.: French tourist and trainer plane developed at the end of '50s. Plane with single-engine, low-wing monoplane with a metal monocoque construction with fixed landing gear and two-blade propeller.

Maintained with CAMO.
Avionics.: Becker AR3201
Bendix King KT-76A
Time since new.: Airframe
TSN: 2727
Engines.: Engine type: Lycoming O-320E2A
SMOH: 953
Propeller.: Propeller type: Sensenich 74DM6-0-54
SMOH: 1291
Equipment.: Big cover for the cabin and the engine
Seller.: Skyfleet Aviation Consulting Skyfleet Aviation Consulting
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