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2014 Airbus A 380

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Serial no.: 972B-84
Manufacture year.: 2014
Price.: Inquire
Add Type.: Sale
Aircraft, General.: The unit hereby available for the market makes part of a lot of three airframes unlikely
remained undelivered to end-user/airline, due to its contract default/breach with Airbus.
The Unit has the construction number (CN) 193 and is actually full airworthy as per FAA/EASA current certifications.
The LOPA is still open, as well as the painting (to date, still in factory neutral Alpine White) The cockpit is in Middle East configuration and is complete and fully operational. Current engines fitted are ROLLS-ROYCE Trent 972B-84
Avionics.: The unit is available for immediate delivery at a current price of 350,000,000.00 USD ex factory, including the hereby suggested LOPA.
Actual worldwide Factory listing for the present unit is: 499,000,000.00 USD

Painting and delivery to End-User/Airline not included in the price.

Factory warranty and engines Manufacturer warranty included and becoming current from the Purchase Contract signature date.
The units makes part of the batch below indicated as: "Unidentified Customers" *
(*due to confidentiality reasons)
Seller.: C M P L
110064 - New Delhi
Phone : 00911128111198
Fax : 009111281111103

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