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2015 Kamov  Ka-32

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Spec sheet:
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Serial no.: 13555
Registration No.: RA-05355
Manufacture year.: 2015
Price.: 11130000 $
Add Type.: Sale
Available From.: 6 month after payment
TotalLandings.: 0
Aircraft, General.: Max speed 260 km/h;
Cruise speed 230 km/h;
Max rate of climb 15 m/s;
Take-off power 2x2200;
Crew 1-3;
Passengers up to 13
Avionics.: Digital displays to indicate flight and navigation details and imput data from meteo locator and IR-SYSTEMS;
Top-notch intergrated flight system;
Digital autopilot;
Complex navigation system;
Dual-link compass system;
up-to-date intercom.
Seller.: Kamov
Yury Borisovich
143441 - Moscow
Phone : +7 925 805 27 84

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