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2004 Robinson R44 Raven

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Serial no.: 1357
Registration No.: G-EGCT
Manufacture year.: 2004
Price.: 115000 $
TTAF.: 2048
Add Type.: Sale
Paint.: dark blue
Aircraft, General.: EGTC just arrived. We are proud to have this one in our Shop!
It is in perfect condition and looks really great in its dark blue color with the Leather Tan! IT is very well maintainend and flies like a dream! As a addition it has got a Spraykit on it (with a STC). so you can use it for spraying! this is not visible right now, but if you need it, you can use it.
We are as well happy to sell it seperatly.
EGTC is a perfect candidate for a private user, as it has got enough hours remaining for the last two years. After runing out either by hours and/or calendar, we are happy to buy it back.
It is a real perl!
VAT, if applicable!
Avionics.: More Info on
Seller.: Startrade GmbH
Dr Erik Langenbach
Löhrstrasse 35
57072 - Siegen
New York
Phone : +49-177-7777345

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