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2003 Robinson R44 Raven 2

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Serial no.: 10105
Registration No.: G-DDAA
Manufacture year.: 2003
Price.: 109999 $
TTAF.: 2120
Add Type.: Sale
Paint.: Gold over Vulcano Red Raven Paintscheme
Aircraft, General.: This beautiful Raven 2 just came in. It is well equipped with tinted glas, 7 hole Panel, light brown Leather seats, bose Headset wiring, Artifical Horizont, Transponder Mode C, Radio Bendix King. (The GPS, shown in the interior picture is not included in tehe sale.
As you probably know, that Raven 2 are the "high end" Version of the R44 Product family...

This Helicopter was/is always well kept in a dry and heated hangar. It was usewd for photoflights and Pipelinecontrol. It is in excellent condition!
Now ther big advantage:
This Helicopter has got a engine with only 310h TSN, YOM 2008. that means it will be the cheapest possible overhaul in about 90hrs. There is no need to overhaul the engine at that time. Only to buy the Kit and that´s it!
This is a really good deal, even for private to fly it down on calendar (End of 2015) or on hours (79h).....what comes first!
Avionics.: It is a VAT paid Helicopter!
And already now you can be shure it is the cheapest available Raven 2 with this specification!
It will come with a fresh 100h Inspection and a new ARC.
Helicopter is VAT Paid, as it comes from private.
Interior.: More Info on
Seller.: Startrade GmbH
Dr Erik Langenbach
Löhrstrasse 35
57072 - Siegen
New York
Phone : +49-177-7777345

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