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2004 Robinson R22 BETA

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Serial no.: 1735
Registration No.: F-GHDL
Manufacture year.: 2004
Price.: 50500 $
TTAF.: 2048
Add Type.: Sale
Aircraft, General.: It was last Overhauled (Big 4400h Overhaul) in Torrance at the Manufacture in June 2004, never the less it is a YOM 1989. At that time it got a brand new interior and exterior. The Exterior is the Beta 2 Paintscheme with a black Beta2 Trim. So you cn easy call it a Moidell 2004!
It has got since that Overhaul already the -4 Blades installed. Everything is in sync.
It was used from a professional company in France. There it flew in 3 y 1500 h. It is well maintained and the ARC (Anual) is running out in August 2015. Just out of the maintenance shop for a 50h inspection and the 4y check.
It has got Leather tan inside and is standard equipped with a artificial horizont and a Transponder Mode C.
Don´t let pass this Heli along!!
GHDL is perfect for private us, where you can have fun for the next 2 years!
VAT, if applicable.
Avionics.: More Info on
Interior.: Leather Tan 10/10
Seller.: Startrade GmbH
Dr Erik Langenbach
Löhrstrasse 35
57072 - Siegen
New York
Phone : +49-177-7777345

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