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2005 Robinson R44 Raven 2006 TSN 1897

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Serial no.: 1549
Registration No.: G-CDUE
Manufacture year.: 2005
Price.: 131900 $
TTAF.: 1897
Add Type.: Sale
Paint.: great
Aircraft, General.: This perfect Raven1 we just got in today.
It is a really perl and well taken care of! It has got TSN 1897hs, so still 303h and/or 3 years to go.
It is standard equipped, but has got as well grey leatherseats and tinted glas. It comes wiht a GPS system installed. the ARC is valid untill March 2015. Everything is ins syc, so is running out at the same time.
No VAT, as the Heli comes from private.
More pictures will follow shortly.
Ready to fly away!
Avionics.: More Info on
Interior.: grey Leather 10/10
Exterior.: White Raven 1 Paintscheme
Time since new.: 1897H
Seller.: Startrade GmbH
Dr Erik Langenbach
Löhrstrasse 35
57072 - Siegen
New York
Phone : +49-177-7777345

Webpage :