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2009 Embraer Phenom 100

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Serial no.: 50000024
Registration No.: G-NUDD
Manufacture year.: 2009
Price.: 2200000 $
TTAF.: 830
Add Type.: Sale
Available From.: 01.09.2014
TotalLandings.: 710
Paint.: like New.
Aircraft, General.: The Phenom 100 is designed for high utilization and a long economic life of 35,000 cycles. A high number of line-replaceable components means less maintenance downtime and lower labor cost, and the maintenance program is designed around the MSG-3 standard to offer a 600-hour scheduled maintenance interval. It’s range of 1178 nautical miles (2,182 km) including
Avionics.: Single-pilot Operation Flight Management System
Three 12.4” Interchangeable Displays
Soft Keys on Displays Minimize Navigation Time on Menus
No Overhead Panel and Reduced Number of Switches
Smart System Automation Reduces Pilot's Checklists
FMS with Graphical Flight Planning Capabilities
Integrated Electronic Standby Instrument (IESI)
Engine Indication and Crew Alerting System (EICAS)
Electronic Checklist and System Synoptics
Charts and Maps (SIDs, STARs)
Synthetic Vision System (SVS)
Weather Radar with Vertical Scan Capability
Coupled VNAV and RNP 1
Central Maintenance Computer (CMC)
Time since new.: 830
Cycles since New.: 710
Seller.: EuroJet
Supermax, 5, Mono Lane, Feltham, London, TW13 7LR
TW137LR - London
United Kingdom