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2007 Cessna C208B Grand Caravan

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Serial no.: 208B-1288
Registration No.: OY-PBR
Manufacture year.: 2007
Price.: Inquire
TTAF.: 51
Add Type.: Sale
TotalLandings.: 41
Paint.: New
Aircraft, General.: Maintenance program : Cessna Inspection Document Program
Maintenance under EASA Part 145 performed by Cessna Caravan Service Station
Continued Airworthiness under EASA Part M
Avionics.: Garmin Avionics Package with
GMA 340 Audio Panel/Vox/Intercom/Marker Beacon
KFC 225 Autopilot/Flight Director with KI525A HSI
GNS 530 Com/Nav/GPS/Glideslope
GNS 430 Com/Nav/GPS/Glideslope
GTX 330 Mode-S Transponder
GTX 330 Mode-S Transponder (2nd unit)
KR 87 ADF with KNI-582 Radio Magnetic Indicator
KN-63 DME with KDI-572 Indicator
KMD 850 Multi-Function Display/Moving Map
KMH 880 Multi-Hazard Awareness System (TAS, EGPWS)
ART 2000 Color Weather Radar
KRA 405B Radar Altimeter
Artex ELT 110-406 2 Frequency
Interior.: New
Mixed cargo / 9-pax commuter
Exterior.: New
Time since new.: 51
Cycles since New.: 41
Engines.: PT6A-114A / 675 shp SN PCE-PC1457
Altair ADAS+ installed
Propeller.: McCauley 3G FR34703 – 3-blade metal
TBO 4000 hours / 72 months
TTSN 51 hours
TSOH at delivery 0 hour SOH / 0 month SOH
Equipment.: Anti-ice system on propeller & LH windshield
Standby electrical system
Pneumatic de-icing boots on the wings, wing-struts, empennage and main landing gear
Low airspeed awareness system

Lights, Timer Cabin (30 min. delay)
PA System with Aft Cabin Speakers
Oxygen System, Complete, 17 Ports
Battery, 24 Volt, NI-CAD
Hoisting Rings, Front and Rear Wing Spar

Cargo Door Removed Kit with vented spoiler for operation w/o cargo door
Barrier, Cabin Cargo (3400 lb rating including side & center closeout nets)
Cargo pod with de-ice boot
Cargo Tie-Down Fittings Installation (100 lb rating)
Cargo Tie-Down Straps and Anchors
Net, Partitions (cargo and baggage area)

9-passenger commuter seating
Seller.: BenAir A/S BenAir A/S
Bruno Budim
Stauning Airport
6900 - Skjern
Phone : +45 40 18 88 59
Fax : +45 96 99 64 10

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