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2005 Eurocopter EC 135 P2

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Serial no.: 383
Registration No.: Ec
Manufacture year.: 2005
Price.: 900000 $
TTAF.: 2147
Add Type.: Sale
Available From.: Immediately
TotalLandings.: 80
Paint.: Yellow
Aircraft, General.: The Euro-copter is maintained to the Standard. No damage History. The Aircraft is in Good Condition. Offered with Valid C & A.
Avionics.: DP IFR
Comm. control system, 2 stations transponder (Mode S) GTX 330 Garmin Grro magnetic heading system C140 Honeywell HIS KPI 552 Honeywell+adapter KDA 692 ELT C406-2 HM 3 frequencies + NAV option copiotstc system VHF NAV/C/GPSGS43 Garmin(pilot coplot) marker beacon receiver KR21 Hoenywell 2”std-by horizon Al 804 DC Goodrich 4”artificial horizon co-pilot GH 14-391 Honeywell. IFR SAS
Radar altimeter KRA405B DME KN63 Honeywell audio/comm.-ctrl (3rd station) AS3100-12 ADF DFS43A GSM phone/tactical radio FM (FP) control unit CD-432B 2nd directional Gyro 205 1BL Goodrich indicator KDI 572 Honeywell.
Exterior.: Yellow
Equipment.: Dual controls (FP+Rp) + cover Engine fine extinguishing system windshield wiper system bleed air heating system for EMS version tinted sunshades window in clam shell door (LH&RH) strobe lights white washable floor covering system for clam-shell doors optical tracker (FP+RP).
Extended opening fasteners for clam shell doors accelerometers for track and balance system multifunction handle on MGB cowling (LH&RH)
Setting window in sliding doors setting protectors (FP)
External Hoist (FP) wire strike protection system (FP+RP) cabin arrangement 5 pax seats EMS Kit Bucher.
Seller.: Avcon
C/Salamanca 20-01-20
28006 - Madrid
Phone : +34