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1996 Boeing 737-400

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Serial no.: 26334
Registration No.: PK-MDR
Manufacture year.: 1996
Price.: Inquire
TTAF.: 52045
Add Type.: Sale and dry lease
Available From.: NOW
TotalLandings.: 32616
Paint.: GOOD
Aircraft, General.: Max. Take Off Weight- 139,000 Lbs / 63,050 Kgs
Max. Taxi Weight- 139,500 Lbs / 63,277 Kgs
Max. Landing Weight- 121,000 Lbs / 54,886 Kgs
Max. Zero Fuel Weight- 113,000 Lbs / 51,257 Kgs
Avionics.: HF Transceiver
VHF Transceiver
Cockpit Voice Recorder PRAM/iPRAM (integrated PRAM) SELCAL Decoder
ACARS Management Unit
Flight Data Recorder (DFDR)
Digital Flight Data Acquisition Unit (DFDAU)
Digital Air Data Computer
Ground Proximity Warning System (GPWS) Computer
Windshear (Yes/No, Reactive/Predictive) Yes Weather Radar Transceiver
Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) Computer
Air Traffic Control (ATC/Mode S) System Transponder
Inertial Refrence Unit (IRU)
Distance Measuring Equipment (DME) Interrogators
VHF VOR/ILS Receiver
Marker Beacon Receiver
Radio Altimeter Transceiver
Automatic Direction Finder (ADF) Receiver
Flight Management Computer
Interior.: Business Class Seats- 8
Tourist Class Seats- 138
Exterior.: Great contition
Time since new.: Aircraft Total Hours
Cycles since New.: Aircraft Total Cycles
Weights.: Max. Take Off Weight - 139,000 Lbs / 63,050 Kgs
Max. Taxi Weight - 139,500 Lbs / 63,277 Kgs
Max. Landing Weight - 121,000 Lbs / 54,886 Kgs
Max. Zero Fuel Weight - 113,000 Lbs / 51,257 Kgs
Operating Empty Weight - 76,047 Lbs / 34,495 Kgs
Fuel Capacity (US Gallons) - 5,648
Engines.: Model: CFM56-3C1 Thrust Rating: 22,100 Lbs
Minimum of 3000cy remaining
Auxiliary Power Unit.: Manufacturer: Honeywell Model: GTCP85-129H
Seller.: Global Air Fleet Global Air Fleet
Michael Ferreira
40 Division st #12
06810 - Danbury
Phone : 203-300-1739

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