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1981 Fairchild Hiller Merlin IIIB

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Serial no.: T-0372
Registration No.: N1010V
Manufacture year.: 1981
Price.: Inquire
TTAF.: 1447
Add Type.: Sale
TotalLandings.: 2034
Aircraft, General.: REDUCED TO $900,000! This is One of a Kind 1981 Fairchild Merlin IIIB New to the Market! Call Now for complete details of this aircraft!
Avionics.: Collins Proline Package
Currently have 3 Comms and 3 Navs plus GPS
2 Collins 328A-3G Slaving Accessories
Collins Type 562C-8 Computer Yaw Damper
Collins NCS31A ARNAV
Collins 913Y-2 Mode Select Unit
2 Collins 332E-4 Directional Gyros
AQUILA ASU-1A Switching Unit
Collins 332D-IIT Horizon Gyro
AQUILA ASU-2 ANS Auto Tune Relay Unit
Collins 331A-3G Course Indicator
#1 DME Collins 339R-3
Collins 899P-1 Radio Adapter
DSU-1 DME Switching Unit
Guardian 3 AFF
See specification for More Avionics!
Interior.: New Grey leather interior as of May 2011.
Exterior.: New Overall Matterhorn White fuselage paint with a three different color Blue stripe, Dark Blue, Medium Blue and a Light Blue that are in good condition. The engine nacelles and wings have been stripped of all paint and are now highly polished giving this part of the aircraft exterior a striking and Stainless Steel look.
Time since new.: 1446.9
Cycles since New.: 2034
Weights.: Maximum Take-off Weight : 12,500 Lbs
Maximum Landing Weight : 12,500 Lbs
Maximum Zero-Fuel Weight : 10,500 Lbs
Empty Operating Weight : 8,259 Lbs
Payload : 1800 Lbs
Fuel Capacity : 648 Gals
Engines.: Engines:
TSN: 1446.9 / 1446.9
CSN: 2030 / 2034
HSO: 1446.9 / 1446.9
CSO: 2030 / 2034
Hrs. Since HSI: 189.4 / 54.8
Propeller.: Props:
HSO: 140.3 / 140.3
Seller.: Western Aviation
David Fisher
1611 Windsor Park Drive, Suite 101
77094 - Houston
Phone : 1-800-AVIATION
Fax : 1-419-851-8294

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