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2013 Antonov AN-225 Mriya N2

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Serial no.: 01
Registration No.: EU
Manufacture year.: 2013
Price.: 301208000 $
TTAF.: 0
Add Type.: Sale
Available From.: USSR purchase owner
TotalLandings.: 0
Aircraft, General.: NEW Aircraft an-225 Mriya N2 looking for an Investor or Buyer

AN-225 Mriya /
Super Heavy Transport
This unique transport air lifter was designed and constructed during 1984-1988.
The aircraft has been created to perform the following missions:

transportation of the wide-range of cargo (large-sized, heavy, long-size) with total weight up to 250 t.;
intercontinental non-stop airlift of cargoes weighting 180−200 t;
intercontinental airlift of cargoes with weight up to 150 t;
transportation of a heavy large-size single pieces with weight up to 200 t on the external store.
Interior.: Mriya with Buran on its external store performed 14 flights with total duration of 28 hours and 27 minutes. They had been performed from the airfields located in various climatic zones of the USSR: in Gostomel, Akhtoubinsk, Baikonour, Borispol, Vnukovo, Yelizovo, Ramenskoye, Chkalovskaya, Khabarovsk. However, after collapse of the USSR, financing of Energiya-Bouran programme was terminated and the project stopped.

In 2000, modernization of the AN-225 was started. The aim was use of the airplane for transportation of commercial cargoes.
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