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2015 Eurocopter EC 155 B1

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Serial no.: TBA
Registration No.: TBA
Manufacture year.: 2015
Price.: Make Offer
TTAF.: 20
Add Type.: Sale
Available From.: Indo-China Peninsula
TotalLandings.: 5
Paint.: NEW
Aircraft, General.: NEW HELICOPTER - price Make Offer (not selling and not flying, it is possible to sell for Chinese yuan, Indian drachma, currency of the UAE, rubles Russia, Iranian real, EURO).
Avionics.: VHF-AM Collins VHF-4000 n°1 & n°2 (including 8.33 kHz channel spacing), Digital Audio, Communication System NAT with 2 control panels, Two (2) David Clark H10-13H headset Transponder COLLINS TDR 94 D with flight ident function n°1 , DME Collins DME – 4000 (Displayed on ND) , VOR/ILS/MKR – Collins NAV-4500 n°1 (displayed on ND), VOR/ILS/MKR/ADF – Collins NAV-4000 n°2 (displayed on ND), Solid State Cockpit Voice & Flight Data Recorder – SSCVDR (2 hours CVR and 10 hours FDR rec) with MFDAU++ , UMS (compliment of SSCVFDR) (Usage functions) – Ground station excluded – with MFDAU++ IRIDIUM, Skyconnect Satcom (voice and A/C Position) control in cockpit and cabin, Passengers address NAT AA 20431 with 4 loudspeakers
Monaco, Monte-Carlo
123234 - London
United Kingdom
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